High speed detection of flat spots and out of round wheels is now possible with IEM’s High Speed Flat Spot Detection System. This ruggedized, simple to maintain, and easily installed system will find wheel faults before they become bigger problems.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High Speed Detection: Works with trains moving at high speeds. Can be integrated with IEM’s High Speed WISE SuperSite™ technology.
  • Automatic Process: Automatically detects flat spots or out of roundness and reports it to maintenance
  • Lower Power: Utilizes IEM’s patented, low power sensor technology to keep power demands at a minimum.
  • Integrates Easily Into Super Site Operations: Requires no specialized foundations or rails and can easily integrate into IEM’s WISE SuperSite™ technologies.



As each train car passes over a series of equally spaced sensors, the relative impact of flat spots is detected, measured, and analyzed. Our system measures the circumference of each wheel and reports any detected flat spots or out of round wheels. Automatic inspection, analysis, and reporting of flat spots and out of round wheels to maintenance improves the overall efficiency and safety of operations while reducing unnecessary labor and equipment costs.

IEM’s High Speed Flat Spot Detection System will allow you to quickly and efficiently improve the life and ride of your cars, and integrates seamlessly as a module in IEM’s integrated WISE Supersite™ technology.