IEM developed this patent-pending system to use acoustic analysis to detect and identify numerous faults in passing railcars, ranging from “slid flats” to bearing spalls, locked brakes, and truck faults.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic Process: Automatically examines every bearing and other moving components on passing rolling stock, eliminating the need for manual inspections.
  • More efficient than traditional Hot Box Detectors: Current “hot boxes” are only able to detect bearing flaws a short time before complete failure. Acoustic system provides sufficient time to plan for repairs.
  • Ease of Set-Up and Use: Requires much less hardware and space than alternative acoustic systems.
  • Instant Notification: Analysis is done in real-time and alerts are sent directly to the train and/or the maintenance shops. These alerts provide accurate information as to the nature, severity and location of the fault.

Automatic and accurate detection of bearing flaws well in advance of failure permits bearing maintenance to take place at normal scheduled maintenance shops, eliminating “hot box” stops and trackside replacements which are extremely time-consuming and expensive.

The Acoustic Fault Detection System can be installed outside train fouling zone, allowing fault detection while assuring the system is at no risk from dragging equipment, straps, and other common dangers at railroad wayside that have destroyed other types of acoustic detectors.