Increasingly, our railroad customers ask for inspection to take place on mainline tracks where trains operate at speeds up to about 80 mph. This high speed inspection enables the railroads to monitor important elements of equipment under actual dynamic operating conditions. Furthermore, it allows the inspections to take place without taking the cars out of revenue service. Rather, by identifying potential problems early it become possible to schedule maintenance activities without affecting freight schedules.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Inspect 100% of cars: WISE SuperSite™ inspects every single car that passes it.
  • Build a database of wheel data for trending analysis and condition based maintenance.
  • Identify maintenance needs long before situation is critical allowing scheduled maintenance.
  • Automatic integration with work orders and AAR billing process
  • Fewer errors in wheel inspection translate into reduced costs.


IEM’s automated WISE SuperSite™ uses a modular approach to integrate subsystems to measure wheels and perform other critical inspections. Currently developed modules for WISE SuperSite™ include IEM’s instrument tie box based wheel profile system, tread brake shoe measurement, and our unique thermal inspection system for monitoring brake operations and bearing temperatures. Active research & development programs will result in additional modules for wheel flaw detection, for inspection of safety appliances, detection of high and wide loads, and much more.