Mandatory wheel inspection and maintenance operations, including change-outs and wheel profiling, are time consuming and expensive. Routine measurements, using mechanical gauges is prone to human error, climate and weather conditions, subjective readings, and transcription errors.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Inspect 100% of cars: Humpyard WISE™ inspectsinspects every single car that passes it.
  • Fast evaluation of wheel data: Able to notify pin pullar within seconds of measurement when car must be sent to car shop.
  • Quick corrective action: Cars are “bad ordered” immediately and sent to a repair shop.
  • Cars back in service quickly, reducing impact to revenue service .
  • Automatic integration with work orders and AAR billing process
  • Fewer errors in wheel inspection translate into reduced costs.
  • Easy maintenance and repair of wayside equipment by co-locating it at the hump yard.


IEM’s automated Humpyard WISE™ Wheel Inspection System Environment uses a modular approach to integrate subsystems to measure wheels and perform other critical inspections. WISE inspects 100% of the cars that pass over the hump and, because the cars move slowly, accuracy is assured. WISE maintains historical records for all wheels and can be used for long term trend analysis.