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GE Employs IEM’s Mini-Electronic Wheel Gauge in Three Countries,   
Saturday, Mar 25, 2017

While IEM’s broad-based business interests continue to expand, almost daily, with new developments in such areas as WISE, SIRIS and wireless sensors, one can’t forget the EWG (Electronic Wheel Gauge)! The original EWG, IEM’s premier product that got the company started some 24 years ago, was updated a few years ago and adopted by several key railroad customers. Recently GE Transportation, which manages locomotive maintenance for several key railroads worldwide, has increased their commitment to IEM’s Mini-EWG with an order for many NEW gauges. With this order, which will support GE operations in Mexico, GE is now employing IEM’s Mini-EWG in three countries.

This order brings the total number of Mini-EWG’s currently in use by railroads around the world to nearly 200! The commitment by GE to use IEM’s product is a key indication that this major client finds the Mini-EWG to provide superior results. It also reflects that the IEM team has provided an unparalleled level of service which is required to maintain and grow a relationship with such a key customer.

Orders like this will keep IEM’s Mini-EWG in the marketplace for years to come, generating additional revenues with new gauge orders, service contracts, and gauge repairs.

Future Development Currently, IEM looks for solutions to serious safety issues, including grade crossing safety, bus fires, and advanced hot box detection for trains. Through development of patent-pending high speed infrared cameras, use of multispectral image fusion, and analytic software capable of extracting and analyzing temperature data, IEM remains on the forefront of this exciting technological wave.

About IEM:

IEM develops, produces, and markets innovative imaging, optical, and other sensor based systems for safety and security applications in the intelligent transportation system industry. By combining innovative sensor systems with advanced software, IEM creates intelligent solutions for use in vehicle inspection, security monitoring, maintenance activities, and more. IEM hold multiple patents covering a wide range of technologies including advanced machine vision, non-destructive evaluation, thermal infrared inspection, innovative cameras, security monitoring, and wireless sensors and sensor networks.