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“Smart” Technology Provides Cost-Effective Solution to Improve Highway Safety ,   
Friday, Aug 25, 2017

An innovative and cost-effective approach to helping public safety officials prevent trucking accidents is currently under development. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is funding a two year project to develop a system that will detect potentially serious problems in the brakes and wheels of tractor-trailers from heat sensitive infrared images. The Smart Infra-Red Inspection System (SIRIS) is being developed by International Electronic Machines Corp. (IEM – Albany, NY) and will address the limitations of current technologies in use while eliminating the excessive on-going personnel costs through automation.

Current technologies require at least one operator and can only image the wheels on one side of a vehicle, leaving the wheels on the other side uninspected by the infrared process. SIRISrecords thermal images of all wheels on both sides of the vehicle, provides instant analysis of any potential problems, and automatically notifies the appropriate personnel with specific information including truck identification, wheel location, and both a thermal and superimposed visual image of the problem wheel(s). Brakes that are overheating, or not working at all, are readily identified as are overheated bearings and tires.

Reducing accidents is a major initiative of state and federal transportation agencies, and uncovering potentially serious problems before they result in tragedy can dramatically improve their accident reduction efforts. SIRIS can boost those efforts with leading technologies in an affordable, cost-effective manner.

About IEM:

IEM develops, produces, and markets innovative imaging, optical, and other sensor based systems for safety and security applications in the intelligent transportation system industry. By combining innovative sensor systems with advanced software, IEM creates intelligent solutions for use in vehicle inspection, security monitoring, maintenance activities, and more. IEM hold multiple patents covering a wide range of technologies including advanced machine vision, non-destructive evaluation, thermal infrared inspection, innovative cameras, security monitoring, and wireless sensors and sensor networks.