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IEM Announces the Completed Installation of the Most Technically Advanced Supersite,   
Friday, Dec 08, 2017

International Electronic Machines Corporation (IEM) is pleased to announce the completed installation of its High Speed Supersite in Voorheesville, NY. IEM’s system will detect, measure, evaluate, and flag rail wheel sets as they move through the site at speeds up to 80 miles per hour. The Voorheesville Supersite includes seven systems; profile, diameter, brake pads, bearings, hot box detector, truck performance, and hot wheel detector. It is considered to be the most technically advanced Supersite installed to date.

About IEM

IEM develops, produces, and markets innovative imaging, optical, and other sensor based systems for safety and security applications in the intelligent transportation system industry. By combining innovative sensor systems with advanced software, IEM creates intelligent solutions for use in vehicle inspection, security monitoring, maintenance activities, and more. IEM hold multiple patents covering a wide range of technologies including advanced machine vision, non-destructive evaluation, thermal infrared inspection, innovative cameras, security monitoring, and wireless sensors and sensor networks.