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Welcome to IEM's New Web Site,   
Thursday, Feb 25, 2016

IEM published our new and much improved web site on January 10, 2012. This site highlights the broad span of IEM's capabilities, core competencies, and market areas. With our WISE Solution tool, present on every page, you can quickly and easily search for just the right product solution from IEM.

This new site has greatly expanded our coverage of a wide array of products for freight rail, transit and passenger rail, intelligent transportation systems, defense applications, security and environmental monitoring, and robotics. The new site also features a detailed look at IEM's approach to research and development, which gives IEM the ability to bring  truly innovative new products to market. You will discover IEM's core capabilities in such critical areas as machine vision and video analytics, thermal imaging, wireless sensors and networks, power harvesting, security monitoring and mobile robotics.

Over the next several months, look for new information weekly on this new site. Multilanguage capability is planned and will be available soon. And, be sure to follow IEM on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.