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IEM to develop advanced vision system for Navy unmanned surface vehicles,   
Saturday, Mar 25, 2017

The US Navy has awarded International Electronic Machines Corporation (IEM) a Phase I proof of concept contract for development of a Smart Integrated Situational Awareness System. The immediate objective for this program involves developing a capability to detect, characterize, classify, and track a variety of targets from unmanned surface vehicles operating in littoral waters.

IEM will advance its patented Synthetic Field of View (SynthFOV™) technology in combination with video analytic software to provide constant 360-degree coverage of the entire seascape using a multispectral imaging system with no moving components to wear out; sealed to prevent any effect from water, salt, dust, etc.; onboard processing of the images for target detection and to determine characteristics such as range, bearing, speed, height to width ratio and size; onboard stabilization subsystem; ability to take direction from remote or other onboard systems to “zoom in” on targets of interest; and transmit appropriate data to other onboard systems for use there or by remote observers as desired.