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IEM receives funding from National Academy of Sciences,   
Monday, May 08, 2017

IEM receives funding from National Academy of Sciences to develop prototype for non-contact version of its electronic wheel gauge
International Electronic Machines Corporation (IEM) has maintained a leadership role in development of cutting edge technologies for management of railroad wheels. Our original and subsequent Miniature Electronic Wheel Gauge virtually revolutionized the industry by bringing accurate, fast, and repeatable wheel measurements to the industry.

The Transportation Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences has awarded IEM a contract to develop an innovative non-contact version of our successful electronic wheel gauge. This award, made under the TRB Transit IDEA program, provide IEM with sufficient resources to build and test an initial working prototype for this hand-held measuring device. This non-contact electronic wheel gauge will allow measurement of wheels accurately and quickly without the user having to place hands in the wheel area. This will increase safety, improve operating efficiency, and reduce operating costs.