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NYSERDA to Support Development of WISEFlaw™ Wheel Defect Detection System,   
Friday, Sep 08, 2017

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority co-funds the development of a much needed addition to IEM's current suite of WISE™ wheel inspection tools for wayside railroad inspection.  The WISEFlaw™ wheel defect detection system will address a long-standing safety concern for identifying railroad wheels that have significant faults that could result in inefficient operation or, under some conditions, catastrophic events such as derailment.

 Incorporating the WISEFlaw™ device as a part of IEM's emerging high speed wheel inspection system will further enhance railroad safety.  Under current funding, IEM will model alternative technologies and develop proof of concept prototypes.  Once a preferred approach is identified, IEM will build a full scaled prototype for field deployment and validation.