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IEM to Advance Development of WISENetâ„¢ Wireless Sensor Network for Railroad Monitoring,   
Tuesday, Dec 08, 2015

TROY, NY - IEM Corporation, a worldwide leader in the development and production of innovative sensor-based systems for the intelligent transportation industry, was selected to participate in a technology review sponsored by a consortium of Class I railroads interested in developing broad specifications for railroad monitoring using wireless sensors and sensor networks. IEM will advance the development of its WISENet™ wireless sensor architecture which builds a network based on using a rail car as a basic unit. Multiple cars are linked via a broad-based linear mesh network, and employs multiple open communication standards and supports alternative communication modes. This architecture implements a core “Internet of Things” approach in which each sensor has an assigned IP address that may be accessed and polled via an enterprise-level gateway. During this program, IEM will develop the WISENet sensor module, implement the overall network software, and provide a series of tests for connectivity, data throughput, and speed of operations. WISENet will measure, store, evaluate and report data to build proactive maintenance plans which minimize car downtime and maximize the efficiency and safety of the entire fleet. Established in 1987, IEM has more than 25 years of transportation safety and security experience. Initially founded to manufacture and market its original electronic wheel gauge for the railway industry, IEM has expanded its core business to include a range of hand-held and in-track devices for railroad inspection, as well as optical and acoustic monitoring solutions for government and industrial partners around the globe.