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IEM Awarded Contract to Develop a Personal Air Safety System for NIOSH,   
Thursday, Jan 05, 2017

TROY, NY - IEM Corporation, a worldwide leader in the development and production of innovative sensor-based systems for the intelligent transportation industry, is honored to have been awarded a contract to develop a new man-wearable sensor system to the Occupational Safety and Health, Mine Safety Health Administration (NIOSH). This Personal Air Safety System (PASS) is capable of detecting dangerous levels of NO2 and carbon monoxide in underground mining operations and will track exposure, measure current dosages, and alert when exposure reaches dangerous levels. Established in 1987, IEM has more than 25 years of transportation safety and security experience. Initially founded to manufacture and market its original electronic wheel gauge for the railway industry, IEM has expanded its core business to include a range of hand-held and in-track devices for railroad inspection, as well as optical and acoustic monitoring solutions for government and industrial partners around the globe.