IEM’s active Research and Development program enables us to present our customers with truly WISE Solutions to a variety of challenges. IEM’s fundamental R&D strategy involves:

  • Identifying real world problems requiring technological solutions;
  • Brainstorming a range of possible solutions;
  • Seeking out and obtaining third party funding to support the R&D efforts;
  • Conducting multi-phased projects to demonstrate proof of concept, to develop and test initial prototypes, and to demonstrate and validate the resulting products.

IEM works closely with state and federal agencies to obtain initial funding for proof of concept and prototype development via such critically important funding avenues as the Small Business Innovative Research program, various Broad Agency Announcements, and others.

IEM conducts research and development in a variety of fields. Our product line depends on IEM’s innovative, cutting-edge exploration of the capabilities of our technology for machine vision, thermal infrared imaging, wireless sensors and power-harvesting, security monitoring, and robotics.